There are different types of glass on the market that are used to make glass. Here you will find useful information about the main types of glass and its purpose. "K" - Glass Low-emission or even "K-glass" is a chemically processed glass...

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Ingeniousness in choosing the joinery

How to choose window frames? What to look for when choosing PVC joinery? Where can we go wrong and what should we not compromise? What is the difference between 4- and 5-chamber joinery? Why should you be careful with the reinforcement and the fittings and what kind...

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Imagine the following situation: You've changed your windows. You have put the best joinery and the best glazing. Winter comes - glasses sweat, mould forms on the walls. You say to yourself, "They cheated on me." Keep calm - this is not the...

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Sound insulation

Sound insulation (Noise Insulation) is an important feature of your joinery. It is determined by the different parameters of the glazing used. Good noise insulation depends on the following: The use of different air chambers and glasses...

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Difference between 4- and 5-chamber joinery

Constructive width When joinery is installed, a person who does not work in this branch would find it difficult to understand what the joinery is installed on. The three- and four-chamber systems have a structural width of 60 mm (58...

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Why is the glazing choice important?

Why is the glazing choice important? The glazing occupies 80% to 90% of the area of your joinery and is made of two or more glasses separated by an aluminium or plastic profile spacer and sealed with a special silicone. From the choice of the right glazing to a basic...

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