Mosquito screens

Window mosquito screens

Only in the long, hot and steamy evenings, longing for a breath of coolness, we appreciate the need and convenience of the so-called “insect nets” or “mosquito screens”. We offer different types of fixed or open mosquito screens according to your needs and your home.

Made of a fine aluminium frame with a fibreglass mesh , the fixed screens are fastened to the joinery by means of strips. Openable screens are hinged and locked, allowing you to open the mosquito screen. The fine aluminium frame which it is made of provides a wide range of colours, and besides the basic wood imitations, powder painting is also possible.

In addition, we also offer vertical rolling screens , which are also made of aluminium profiles and a fibreglass mesh. Upon winding the screen is hidden in an aluminium case. They are quite comfortable and functional. They can be mounted on the joinery or in a frame, being a preferred option when placing windows with external rolling shutters.

Door mosquito screens

PVC Ruse also offers mosquito screens for doors. They are made of a wider and massive aluminium profile with an aluminium frame that pulls out the screen in front of the handle of your front door. They are fitted with hinges and a fastener. You could also use horizontal rolling mosquito screens or so-called plisse screens .

You want to order a mosquito screen for your windows or for your doors? We offer a wide variety of affordable prices. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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