There are different types of glass on the market that are used to make glass. Here you will find useful information about the main types of glass and its purpose.

“K” – Glass

Low-emission or even “K-glass” is a chemically processed glass covered with a silver layer between 2 layers of tin oxide by the pyrolysis method. The K-glass is always placed inside the room and its main function is to prevent heat loss from the room to the outside. Recommended for showrooms where there is not too much heat. In combination with plain white glass, this double glazing unit is twice as effective as a double-glazed glass pan, and its light transmission is nearly 80%.

The use of a low-emission glazing limits the heat loss and is a good investment in terms of the subsequently saved heating costs. It also helps to reduce the formation of condensation on the windows. Combined with 4-season glass, it is suitable for both south and west facades.

“Four Seasons” or “Sunergy” – glass

The high-energy glass or “4 seasons”, like the K-glass, is chemically treated, but here the silver coating is double between 4 metal layers. This glass is outside of the glazing. Its double coating does not allow harmful UV rays to enter the room without limiting the light transmission. In this way, the 4-season glass glazing provides not only comfort during the warm summer days, but also protection during the winter, as well as limiting the heat loss from the room. Its thermal insulation is better than the K-glass, and its light transmission is 70%.

Extremely good is the combination in a triple glass package filled with internal K-glass, intermediate white and outdoor 4-season glass. Here it is possible to achieve U-values lower than 1, especially if the two air chambers are filled with gas-argon, and the use of 3 different thicknesses of the glasses is the guarantor of a fairly good noise-resistance of the glass.

Transparent glass

Ordinary white transparent glass is extremely ineffective as heat insulating properties in the manufacture of a double-glazed unit made up of 2 such glasses. Its most preferred and commonly used use is in combination with K-glass or as an intermediate glass in triple-glazed units. The most common glass panes are 4 mm thick, but more and more often looking for float glasses of 5, 6 mm thickness or triplex.

Laminated glass (Triplex)

Laminated glass or even Triplex belongs to the so-called enhanced security glasses. The triplexes are made of 2 separate glasses bonded with resin or special foil, making them extremely resistant to impact and breakage. Even if the glasses are broken, they retain their integrity. Such types of glass are also placed externally on the glazing. They are suitable for shops, apartments or windows located on the first floor.

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