Delivery and installation


The term for the execution and installation of the ordered windows is 10 working days. This period shall run from the date of signature of the contract or after receipt of an advance payment. It is possible installation period to be agreed in advance for a specific date but not less than 10 working days. This deadline is determined after many years of experience, as an optimal short term for the quality performance of your order. During the time of your order, our specialists are committed to securing your request with quality materials and consumables, to conduct a flawless production process that provides a good and fully functional end product.


The duration of the installation depends on your order. Standard replacement of the joinery in an apartment should not take more than one business day. Once the joinery has been worked out within the agreed time, our employee will contact you to specify the date and time you want the installation to take place. Installation may be performed every weekday and Saturday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The time between 14:00 and 16:00 is usually used for finishing works that do not break the order and the peace in accordance with municipal regulations.

In case of problems with the joinery after completion of the assembly, you may contact us and make a claim by phone, e-mail or in our office. Upon this you should present the Contract and the warranty card and briefly describe the problem. We will send a specialist to make an on-site inspection. The warranty card to the contract details what elements and defects are subject to warranty service. The company is not responsible in case of misuse and exploitation of the products.

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