How to choose window frames? What to look for when choosing PVC joinery? Where can we go wrong and what should we not compromise? What is the difference between 4- and 5-chamber joinery? Why should you be careful with the reinforcement and the fittings and what kind of glazing to choose? Answers to these questions will help you make the right choice and provide you with long-life joinery that does not require permanent repairs or replacement after a short time.

4- or 5-chamber window frames?

To keep up-to-date, it is advisable to select 5-chamber joinery. The constantly changing requirements for thermal insulation and energy saving justify this choice. 5-chamber joinery is characterized by low passage and good structural width. Here you can learn more about the differences between 4- and 5-chamber window frames.

Reinforcement in profile

The PVC profile armature is a steel insert that is embedded in the profile for greater rigidity and structural strength. It is an obligatory component in the production of PVC joinery and is of utmost importance. Be very careful when choosing a window manufacturer!

In their quest to be competitive, many small producers are abusing this so important segment of the production of window frames. There are reinforcements with a thickness of less than 1 mm, even cases where it is absent. This significantly lowers the price of the window, but makes it equally ineffective. In time, it deforms, twists, sags, does not close. Even bigger are the problems if your window is also a wood imitation.

Our advice to you : Inform yourself well about the product you order and obtain. Inform yourself of the availability and thickness of the reinforcement. Refer to well established companies with years of experience who hold their name and do not compromise on quality. The minimum reinforcement that must be present in your joinery is 1.5 mm! For coloured profiles – 2 mm!

In addition to the thickness, the shape of the steel insert itself is also important. The most commonly used are the U-shaped fittings, but depending on the construction and execution of each individual object, so-called ” closed boxes – for greater strength and durability. They are recommended for the production of colourful windows with dimensions larger than the standard norms.

Joinery hardware

The hardware of the joinery is a very underestimated element of the client, however, which is of the utmost importance if you want a window to serve you for a long period of time. It is important to consider several important moments when selecting hardware:

  • On which floor will the windows be installed? – This is important because it is desirable that the first floor windows of the buildings should be fitted with high security hardware or the so-called Security hardware .
  • Which specific rooms will mount the new windows? – This is important both in terms of the different opening directions (left, right, down) that you will need, and the type of opening itself – in one or both directions. In rooms with a higher humidity concentration – kitchens, wet rooms, living rooms with lots of flowers or rooms in which it is spread, it is advisable to install a bifurcated and micro ventilation fitting that can provide a smooth and functional air-to-air ventilation premises.
  • Which brand to choose? – Last but not least, is the brand of the fitting you will choose. The market is overwhelmed by various Turkish and Chinese hardware. In most cases, they are non-functional and are made of poor quality materials.

Our advice to you: We recommend that you request from the manufacturer German or Austrian hardware. Such are, for example, proven by their long-standing experience and quality manufacturers: MACO, SIEGENIA, GU, WINK HAUS, ROTO. These companies have been established on the world market and have been on the world for decades. Often, the difference between German and Austrian moulds and their cheaper analogues is not so great and it does not deserve the risk of a premature replacement of the mechanism or the headaches from a number of unpleasant defects, which usually occur sooner than expected. The price difference is often in the order of a maximum of 10-20 BGN per wing. Keep in mind that quality fittings will save you future headaches.


The glazing occupies much of the area of your joinery. Its choice depends on the quality of your windows, as well as its properties of thermal insulation, noise insulation, light conductivity.

We recommend that you do not use ordinary glazing but there is the wide variety of safety glasses you will find on the market. For rooms with northern exposure we recommend using K-glass, and for rooms with south-glass “Four seasons”. The right choice also depends on a number of other factors such as the type of building, geographic features, exposition of the building, requirements for heat and noise insulation.

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