Aluminum doors

Aluminium Doors – Purpose

Aluminium doors and partitions are suitable for placing in bathrooms, toilets, room partitioning and are generally a cost-effective and functional interior solution. They are made by the so-called “cold” aluminium or non-interrupted thermal break profile. They are robust, practical and easy to maintain. The possibility of using different types of fillers, such as thermo-pane, glass, single glass and mirrors, as well as rich colour diversity make them a favourite for any home. Despite the widespread use of aluminium doors, it is important to note that they often do not provide the required thermal insulation.

Aluminium doors – special features

Different rooms have different door requirements, namely aluminium doors also offer a wide variety of solutions. Starting from a classic or a sash with ledges, a standard lock cylinder or a one-sided cartridge, a double-sided handle or a “paw” handle on one side, a plain lingual or rolling lock. The door itself can be divided both horizontally and vertically, allowing for a variety of designs – from 100% solid doors to doors of different types and sizes of glass. Laying an aluminium doorstep instead of a lower case significantly improves the convenience and functionality of the door without reducing the noise and thermal insulation of the door.

Aluminium doors with interrupted thermal break are recommended for entry spaces. They are suitable for houses, shops, offices, public buildings. The high strength and durability of these doors makes them preferable for rooms with high traffic intensity. These doors offer all the conveniences and variety of common aluminium doors, but because of the interrupted thermal break they have, they are more reliable and preferable when looking for a higher thermal insulation.

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