The order and the production of joinery are as follows:

Visit and dimensioning

A prerequisite for each offer and order is the on-site review by our specialist and the taking of the dimensions.* We provide free review and consultation at the address you specify upon prior arrangement. You can request a view on the phone, online or on site in our office. Our specialists will spend the time to help and advise you. On-site inspection also removes the exact dimensions of  window frames, specifies the type of construction, the openings, etc., which helps to prepare a precise offer.

Preparing an offer

Once the dimensions have been taken, the profile system and the glazing have to be selected, as well as details of the execution of the joinery. Based on this information, we will prepare for you a special offer * specifically related to the performance of your order. The offer gives you the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with a sketch-drawing with the type of window, the profile system, the fittings, the glass package and all the additional components as well as the price of the modularized joinery. In the offer you will also find information on the time of execution, payment and installation. Once the offer is made, it is valid for 30 days.

Important: Review, consulting and preparing our offer are completely free to you. You decide whether you want to make your order with us or not. The offer does not bind you to us in any way.

* Making an offer is possible only on customer’s dimensions. Dimensions may be given online, by phone or at the office.

Manufacturing contract

When the offer is approved, the contract for the manufacture, delivery and installation of the joinery shall be prepared. The contract contains all the details of your order

Note: If we have not yet done an on-site review and taken the exact dimensions, this will be done before the contract is drawn up to refine the offer. If the customer does not wish to do so, the order can also be executed, but in this case the company is not responsible for the installation and does not guarantee the correct execution. We recommend that you arrange an appointment with us for visiting the site – this service is completely free of charge for you!


The standard execution period is 10 business days. It may vary depending on the order volume or additional reservations available. Learn more about execution period, delivery and installation here. For questions about the offer, our specialists will always be back to you and will give you information on the status of your order.

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