GENEO by RAU-FIPRO – thermal insulation with no compromise

Perfect Energy Efficiency: With GENEO you save up to 76% * energy.

Are you planning to change your windows or you are looking for windows for your newly built home, where can you save energy? We recommend the REHAU GENEO window systems.

GENEO-windows are established for specialists and customers not only because of their excellent thermal insulation properties. They feature a unique perfect complete package that combines several important benefits – and that cannot be found in any other window system!

But what makes GENEO-windows unique?

GENEO is manufactured from the high-tech material RAU-FIPRO. The unique qualities of this innovative and high-quality fibber-composite material, which is used in the construction of aircrafts and Formula 1, make the window extremely stable and light. It is also in RAU-FIPRO that the secret of perfect thermal insulation is hidden. With GENEO you can save up to 76% * energy! And this should not be underestimated – with GENEO-windows you will enjoy reduced heating bills.

For the stability of “standard” windows, steel reinforcement is generally required. This leads to the formation of thermal breaks leading to a faster heat transfer. With GENEO in most cases steel reinforcement is not used.

GENEO’s outstanding heat-insulating properties combine with uncompromising noise proofing and a high degree of burglary protection. You can shape your windows completely according to your taste and preference for design and colour. All these features, combined with easy maintenance and cleaning, provide maximum comfort.

With GENEO you invest in quality and tranquillity in the future!

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will answer all your questions about the GENEO window systems and help you get the best solution for your home!

The benefits of GENEO in a nutshell:

  • perfect noise insulation, burglary and energy efficiency;
  • certified passive house option;
  • easy opening and closing thanks to sophisticated technology;
  • completely reinforced window profile system without additional steel reinforcement;
  • excellent stability through RAU-FIPRO high-tech material, perforated profile design and built-in reinforcement system;
  • up to 40% lighter than conventional window profiles;
  • functional compartments for the optimization of insulation properties with thermo-modules;
  • easy to maintain and clean thanks to the high-quality and smooth HDF surface;
  • optimal light distribution;
  • possibility for individual design;
  • environmentally friendly and recyclable.


Technical details:

Material: RAU-FIPRO®

Window thermal insulation: U f up to 0.85 W / m²K, U f up to 0.79 W / m²K (passive housing certified)

Energy savings: up to 76% *

Mounting width: 86 mm / 6-chamber system

Anti-burglar protection: Resistance class 3 to resistance class 2 without steel

Sound insulation: up to the 5th degree

* Reduce window energy losses when replacing old wood / plastic windows dating back to the 1980s (U f = 1,9, U g = 3,0) with windows of GENEO profiles (U f = 0, 86, U g = 0.5, window sizes 123 x 148 cm).

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