Production base of PVC Ruse

In 2009  “Rinko-Interior” EOOD builds its own production and administrative base for PVC and aluminium joinery as a separate production. The production of the joinery is located on a total of 1100 square meters of covered production area, 900 sq. m. Warehouse area, 360 sq.m administrative and residential area and 12,000 sq. m open area.

In 2015 PVC Ruse invests in the purchase of a new automated production line for PVC joinery. The line includes new automated and computerized production machines: from cutting profiles to final product. These are: two-head circular saw with cutting irregular shapes capability, four-head adhesive tool with automatic cleaning centre, automated table for fitting of joinery hardware, all types of cutters for processing of profiles, and a new saw for cutting of glass holders. There are also two separate production lines for PVC and aluminium joinery of the renowned KABAN machine manufacturer. Each of them allows the production of 120 to 150 items (doors and windows) for one working day (eight hours).

The warehouses and the wide open area allow the company to keep all materials and consumables available, store its finished products and logistics to ensure its production is trouble free.

The spacious administrative part provides comfort to the clients of the company and allows the good organization and management of the production process from A to Z. A wide variety of samples and information about the products we offer can be found in our newly showroom, opened in Ruse. The showroom is located in an accessible location in the city and provides our customers with the opportunity to get acquainted with our products in detail and to experience their functionality on the spot.

Visit us at 24 “Maria Luiza” Street in the town of Ruse.


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