Rolling blinds

Rolling blinds – purpose

Rolling blinds – familiar, forgotten and revived, are the product of internal shading, which has undergone the most dynamic development in recent years. Kamax Rolling Blinds are designed to offer functionality that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding customers. By selecting the right matter you may:

  • block access to light and heat the premises and thus reduce costs for lighting and cooling rooms;
  • ensure visibility to the outside world , but to hide from curious eyes;
  • provide complete darkness for a rest ;
  • filter the sun’s glare, without stopping the flow of daylight in rooms where there are computers and televisions;
  • combine the comfort of textiles with an elegant look and compact form ;
  • give a new look to the interior at an affordable price;
  • combine with curtains if they are part of your interior.

Rolling blinds – advantages

Rolling blinds are a good choice for asthma patients and allergies because their sails are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, the fabrics are antistatic and, unlike horizontal blinds, do not have a horizontal surface on which to hold dust. Especially for customers who want to have a product that combines the benefits of classic rolling blinds and laminate blinds, we offer a series of day and night models. Elegance rolling shutters are a new model developed for PVC and aluminium joinery, with a rounded decorative profile and elegant aluminium guides. The blind rolling shutter fits nicely into the joinery, stopping the flow of light and visibility.

In addition to a wide selection of fabrics and colours, we also offer a choice of colours for the profiles and blinds guides – white, brown and 6 imitation wood. The blind is controlled by a fine chain: when the fabric reaches the desired position, you simply stop, no need to lock.

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