Imagine the following situation: You’ve changed your windows. You have put the best joinery and the best glazing. Winter comes – glasses sweat, mould forms on the walls. You say to yourself, “They cheated on me.” Keep calm – this is not the case.

Why does condensation occur on glazing and window frames?

Condensing wines do not have the producers of joinery. It is good to know that even the best glazing swept when the air in the room is high in moisture or when the temperatures are negative. Every household in everyday activities (such as cooking, showering, laundry drying) has a tremendous amount of moisture. In a four-person family home a day, about 10 litters of water is released in the form of vapours. With old wooden window frames, a condensation problem almost does not exist because they do not seal well, do not close and draught. The new PVC joinery seals the room perfectly.

How to deal with condensation and mould? How to avoid condensation and mould on glazing?
If you apply the following tricks, you will solve (or avoid) the condensation and mould problems of your joinery:

  • Obligatory, open two opposite windows for 3-4 minutes in the morning and in the evening, so that the room flows and the air rotates completely.
  • Place micro ventilation on the windows. If you are now changing your windows, please make sure that you have the manufacturer’s micro ventilation of the hardware. The price difference is negligible and will save you a lot of worries later.
  • Dry clothes on the terrace, not in enclosed spaces. Drying inside the room significantly increases room humidity.
  • Place an absorber in the kitchen. This will help you to get moisture from cooking.

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